Wedding Photo Videography

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Combining Photography and Videography for

The Ultimate Wedding Day
Experience on DVD

Working together in harmony.

Why choose me as your Photo-Videographer?

Quality and Experience with Real Savings


Having 1 photo-videographer is far less obtrusive on you, your wedding party, family and guests.
You want everyone to enjoy the day, not be controlled by photographers. Our style is unobtrusive at the ceremony, get into the action at the reception, fun and entertaining at your photo sessions.

There is less competition for your attention and better direction of your time.
No matter how well intentioned they are, separate company photographers and videographers often clash as they both try to do their job. That can be 2 or more people all around you. They can often get in each others way, block shots and be obtrusive. By having one photo-video team, there are no conflicts and fewer demands on your time; with 1 director of Videography & Photography the right hand knows what the left is doing, so you will get maximum quality and more creative possibilities.

Our video-photo sessions are unique, creative and lots of fun
Our filming style combines documentary, photo-journalistic, contemporary and traditional photo-videography. You will have one two-person team conducting your photo sessions. The group shots are done in a more lively animated way that plays to video well, which is great for all the candid moments. It's also much more fun and entertaining to participate in. Digital should be less expensive than film. No development costs etc, and print costs are inexpensive. You can save money by having the printing done else ware. Our approach is to take as many quality shots as possible, create, edit and process them and make them all available to you in multi-media formats on DVD. And we do not control the rights to your photos, you do!

Everything you could ask for and at a price that will save you more $$$ for your honeymoon.
PLUS! Everything we capture, record and photograph is included. All your photos, most of the original and edited digital files are included. Any slide shows or photo music videos, even your wedding music sound track, everything you could ask for is included. Everything you could ever want all on one DVD. You can share or have printed any of the multimedia files on your DVD.

Save money and enjoy creating your own wedding album your way.
You own the files. We create them in multiple media formats for you to do with as you please. Distribute via the web, send to family and friends in emails, CDs, DVDs and more. That's the fun and easy part that saves you money.

OR Let us do all the work for you, professionally at wholesale prices.
Our package pricing structure does not include physical prints or albums, but we do offer them to you at wholesale prices. Our package pricing is based on creation, plus production time to film, tape, edit and produce all your media. That's the most important part and where I earn my income, not from selling albums, including prints or accesories at inflated prices.

*We also offer Coffee Table Wedding Story Books

Photography and Videography
Photo-Videographer Tom Barrera
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Reviews as seen on WEDDING WIRE Storefront
I cannot say enough positive things about Tom and his photo/video services. The benefits of having the same person provide both photography and videography is incredible. Tom is a true artist and takes pride in his craft. He has an amazing ability to capture every important moment of your special day and transform the photos/videos into an incredible montage. I have never seen anything like our wedding music video montage and have gotten so many compliments on it! Tom and his services truly lived up to every expectation I had for my day; the video and montage are absolutely perfect and the photos are stunning! I received my video and photo disc very shortly after returning from our honeymoon; a very pleasant surprise! My husband and I continue to watch our music video several times a year and it's so wonderful to be able to relive EVERY MOMENT of our day thanks to Tom!!!!!
I would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone looking for top of the line photos and video, state of the art equipment and true artistry for their wedding day! Kimberly and Michael Strong.

Wedding: 09/25/2010
Services Used:
Photography, Videography

How can you do Photography and Video both at the same time?
My specially designed equipment allows me to take high resolution photos and shoot video both at the same time. Because I am a TRUE Photo-Videographer, I can offer  substantial savings and  exceptional creative quality. See for yourself !